Turnkey abandonments From start to finish


  • Well file review including zonal identification and abandonment requirements, cement top evaluation for zonal porosity coverage and BGWP (Base of Groundwater Protection), SCVF/GM reports
  • Abandonment programming to AER/SIR/Energy Mines & Minerals
  • Abandonment costing/AFE generation
  • Prime contractor site management
  • Landholder liaison
  • Regulatory body liaison
  • Site safety management
  • Site supervision
  • Third party contractor vetting and contracting
  • Third party contractor invoice review and payment
  • Final regulatory reporting on a timely basis
  • Single invoice complete with safety management documentation and regulatory reporting confirmation

SCVF/GM: (Surface Casing Vent Flow/Gas Migration)

  • Review of well file/regulatory reporting for identified SCVF/GM
  • Site SCVF/GM testing and reporting
  • Wellbore logging and log evaluation for source determination
  • Remediation/intervention program for SCVF/GM repair
  • Costing for single attempt SCVF/GM repair
  • Liaison with regulatory body for repair operations
  • Final regulatory reporting for SCVF/GM repair

BGWP: (Base of Groundwater Protection)

  • Review of well field to determine requirement for BGWP repair
  • Review of groundwater database for depth determination
  • Liaison with regulatory body to determine BGWP depth
  • Programming and costing for remediation
  • Final reporting for BGWP repair

SCVF (Surface Casing Vent Flow) – location testing, surface csg vent test, gas mitigation, zonal abandonment, C&C, soil sampling, reclamation.